Racine's fire safety

Fire Safety and Emergency Medical Services 

Since January 22, 1843, the City of Racine Fire Department has prioritized the safety of the citizens of Racine with emergency response services including fire protection services, fire prevention and inspection services, basic and advanced life support services and public education services. The Fire Department has six fully-equipped fire stations staffed by professional, full-time teams committed to delivering exceptional service in stressful situations. This commitment is ensured through regular physical and professional training and implementation of the Incident Command System (ICS) – a national model for emergency decision-making processes.


Law Enforcement

The City of Racine Police Department is a nationally-recognized leader in the philosophy of Community Orientated Policing (COP). Implemented in 1996, this approach established neighborhood-based COP Houses throughout the City of Racine. In addition to hosting neighborhood watch meetings and providing community re-entry services, COP Houses offer a positive and structured environment for area residents focused on learning. The police department provides classroom space and a computer lab, while volunteers and social service agencies offer help with homework, arts and crafts, nutrition education and basic home maintenance resources.

The Racine County Sheriff’s Office has full law enforcement authority throughout Racine County, including the City of Racine and the waters of Lake Michigan. In addition, the sheriff’s office manages operations of the Racine County Jail and provides security services at the Racine County Courthouse and Racine County Law Enforcement Center.