Please use the map viewer below to verify your address is within a Neighborhood Tax Increment District (TID). Search for your address on the top right of the map.

More information below the map on this page.

Application Windows

  • TID 22: June 1 – June 30 of 2024
  • TID 23: June 1 – June 30 of 2024
  • TID 27: May 1 – May 31 of 2024
  • TID 28: May 1 – May 31 of 2024
  • TID 31: Anticipated for 2025; dependent upon funding availability.

Process to Apply

1. City staff will review for completeness; you will be contacted if more information is needed.

2. You will receive an email notification to schedule an appointment with City Staff for an in-home inspection.

3. City staff will enter your property and complete a project inspection report (you will need to be present).

4. You will receive an email notification to submit the quote/estimate from the contractor who will perform the work for you.

5. Acknowledgment by the Community Development Authority (CDA) of the application.

  • The CDA determines which applications will be funded, applying does not guarantee funding.

6. City staff will setup an appointment with the homeowner and selected contractor(s) to sign a contract.

7. Your selected contractor(s) are required to obtain all necessary permits/approvals for the work.

  • All contractors must be licensed by the State of Wisconsin, bonded and insured, and in good standing with the City.

8. Authorized work begins. This arrangement is between the homeowner and the selected contractor(s).

  • Any work or money spent before this is not eligible for the Program.

9. When completed, the work is inspected by City staff.

10. City disperses funds directly to the contractor as defined by signed contract.


Application Materials (for homeowner applicants)

  • TID application (Application to be completed by homeowner applicants).
    • The following documents will need to be uploaded:
      • Recent Mortgage Statement or Satisfaction of Mortgage
      • Homeowner’s Insurance Declaration Page
      • Proof of Occupancy (current utility bill – gas, electric, phone, or internet bill)
      • Copy of a valid State of Wisconsin Driver’s License or State ID

Please email for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to review frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Homeowner TID Programs in Racine.

If you are not within a TID boundary, please consider The City of Racine – City of Racine Housing Repair Program (


For Contractors

Contractors selected by homeowners must complete the online form here to submit the following:

  • Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number from SAM.GOV
  • Declaration page from Contractor’s insurance
  • Contractor W-9
  • State of WI Contractor registration card.

More information for Contractors

Ayuda en español disponible llamando al 262-636-9398.