City of Racine Zoning Ordinance for new businesses

Properties located within the City of Racine are assigned a zoning classification, which regulates the types of land uses that are allowed on a particular parcel. The Zoning Ordinance is the set of regulations that, in conjunction with the City’s Zoning Map, establishes standards related to the use, density, size of buildings, parking requirements, lot coverage and other physical development characteristics on parcels within the city. Zoning Ordinances vary between different communities, so be sure to become familiar with Racine’s regulations prior to purchasing or leasing property or establishing a new use. City staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

The Building Division administers the City of Racine Zoning Ordinance. If you are not sure of where your business can be located to be compliant with zoning, one of the first steps you should take is to contact the Building Division or Planning staff to discuss your ideas. The staff will verify whether the location you are interested in will allow the type of use you want to establish. If the use is not listed as a permitted use in a particular zoning district, there are sometimes ways of allowing it, such as with a Conditional Use Permit or in certain cases by rezoning the property to an appropriate zoning district.


Zoning Map

The city’s Zoning Map is available on our GIS system. Click on the button below. When the map opens, navigate to the right side of the screen and check the Planning box in the Layer List. The zoning classification of each property will show up as a color on the map. To see the map legend which explains what each color stands for, navigate to the upper left of the map below the search box. Click on the icon that looks like a list with three lines, and a key to the zoning districts will drop down. By using this map in conjunction with the Zoning Ordinance, you can determine the uses that are permitted on a specific parcel.


Zoning Forms and Applications