The Racine Landmarks Preservation Commission is in the process of preparing a heritage preservation plan for the City of Racine with the assistance of the The Lakota Group planning firm. The plan will provide a review of previous work to include the following:

  • An analysis of commercial/industrial corridor plans and neighborhood plans
  • An analysis of the existing inventory listed in city, county, state, or national databases including: Architectural and Historical Survey of the City of Racine (1979), the State of Wisconsin Historical Society, the National Parks Service National Register of Historic Places
  • An analysis of local, regional, state, or national preservation efforts and historically significant properties, structures and sites not previously inventoried

The purpose of the project is to prepare an action-oriented preservation planning document that will provide an updated inventory of existing historic properties, districts, and potential heritage sites, update the inventory to include significant sites or contributing properties. The Heritage Preservation Plan shall be designed to improve and celebrate the preservation of historic and cultural resources in the City of Racine. Specific project objectives include:

  • Identify issues, concerns and opportunities that affect the preservation of the city’s historic and cultural resources
  • Assess the status of historic preservation in the community, including existing preservation mechanisms and the integration of historic preservation goals and objectives in other aspects of the City of Racine’s municipal departments including public works, engineering, building, housing, parks, planning, and development
  • Identify priorities for preservation and develop an action plan for implementing priority preservation goals and objectives
  • Foster communication, education, and cooperation between existing groups engaged in preservation activities, including landmark property owners
  • Provide assessment and guidance in the promotion of heritage tourism opportunities

The Draft of the Heritage Preservation Plan can be reviewed by following this link to the plan’s webpage at Heritage Preservation Plan – City of Racine